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“When I was looking to purchase a property in Carlsbad several months ago, I didn’t know any of the local Realtors. When I began asking people if they would be able to recommend anyone, I was introduced to Stacy, chose her to be my Realtor, and am thrilled with my decision to hire her!! She was a joy to work with. Being a Carlsbad local, she is extremely knowledgeable about all of the various neighborhoods in and around Carlsbad and what each of those neighborhoods have to offer, in addition to also knowing the entire North Country San Diego area really well. She worked so hard to help me find the perfect place, in the area where I ultimately wanted to be. The best part though, was my not having to worry or stress about a thing during the process from start to finish. Stacy and her associates at CalRes lined up and handled everything for me, every step of the way! The experience turned out to be so easy , and went so smoothly, without any of the anxiety that one would normally expect during the purchase of a home. Stacy made sure that all of the necessary people needed during the home buying process, were at the ready, to do their respective parts efficiently and in an incredible professional manner. I could not be happier!!”

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