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What will aging boomers and millennials mean for economic growth?

By Tom Petruno/ Los Angels Times   January 9, 2016 Some Wall Street pros worry that baby boomers and millennials will increasingly be squeezed financially, leaving them unable or unwilling to spend. The demographics of aging boomers and coming-of-age millennials will accelerate changes in the economy. The hard part is figuring whether they'll be good or bad for growth. The median age of...

3 Things You Never Knew About Flood Insurance

How much do you know about your flood risk? It’s not as cut-and-dry as one might think – and it doesn’t take a Category 4 hurricane to see the effects of heavy rainfall. Many of us tend to think that living outside of a coastal area will keep us safe from flooding caused by hurricanes and tropical storms, but don’t let out of sight mean out of mind. In fact, every single state in the United...

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