First Time Home Buyers Find the Right Team

Welcome home to my first time home buyers -R3!

I had the honor and privilege to help Robert, Rachel, and Remy purchase their first home. Not only was it their first home, it was their dream home and will be their forever home. Single story, four bedroom, large lot for Remy to run,  COMPLETELY REMODELED with impeccable style. I can not say enough about this dream home!

R&R did it right! They started the process with finding the right team! 

If you have ever worked on a project, you know the first thing you do, after identifying the goal, is find the right members for your team. Imagine, yourself as the client, the PROJECT MANAGER and, guess what, you pick your team.

The first two team members crucial to being successful are your REALTOR and Lender (loan officer). Rachel met our lender at the dog park with her sweet Remy. They met with Team Trinci and got pre -approved; identifying how much they could afford and educating themselves on the best loan program for them. Robyn broke down the purchase price into an understandable monthly budget. My wonderful partner lender then referred them to me and we hit the ground running, finding their perfect home in a limited amount time! Working with the right REALTOR is so important. You want an expert in the home searching process as well as their professional ability to help navigate through escrow. Working with the right lender is just as important. The right lender is more than just an interest rate. They are a service from beginning to end during your purchase. The best part is because they picked the right team, we were able to close escrow with conventional financing in just 18 short days!

I loved working with Robert & Rachel so much! I am so thrilled to have not only clients for life but friends for life!

Remember the right relationship is everything – Contact me to partner with you on your next transaction!
Maria Roller

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