I went to the Carlsbad State of the City, so you didn’t have to…

After attending the State of the City video presentation at Dove library on August 26th, 2019,  I am so impressed with Carlsbad.  We are well run, financially sound, forward thinking, environmental pioneers and home to 10 of the fastest growing start-ups in the nation. Carlsbad was named one of the best beach city locations to live in the nation by Wallet hub.  Duh… we live here, we already know this! I attended the City of Carlsbad State of the City hoping to get some answers on timeframes for Poinsettia Road completion and local parks construction completion – I got that and so much more.  Here’s the scoop on a few things that jumped out to me.

Poinsettia Road connection/completion (near Cassia Rd & El Camino Real) The area is known in the city planning documents as Poinsettia 61. Poinsettia road/bridge is expected to be completed summer/early fall 2020.  The new Poinsettia road connection will include 3 new timed stoplights to help manage traffic flow. Lennar is the developer that will be building 123 detached condominiums in a development called Treviso.  Treviso is having a grand opening of their model homes on September 21, 2019.  If you are interested in buying one of these new homes, let your favorite hometown Realtor® at CalRes know, we’d be happy to help you.

Poinsettia Park & Aviara Park improvements. We’ve all been patiently waiting for the new park improvements to open up.  Am I the only one peeking through the fencing, waiting for pickleball to open?  While the city won’t give a hard date of when they expect to be done, they are aiming for September 2019. As projects are completed, they will remove the barrier fencing.

Poinsettia Park Dog Park – A conditional permit was issued this month (Aug 2019) and if all goes as planned, the new Poinsettia Dog Park will open in the summer of 2020.

Speaking of parks, the city is in the planning stages of the new Veterans Memorial Park. Veterans Memorial Park site is located southeast of Agua Hedionda Lagoon. The total park site is 91.5 acres. Just over half of that land, 48 acres, can be developed with park amenities; the rest of that land, 43.5 acres, is protected habitat that can’t be developed. The park is a few years out, we look forward to this awesome new city amenity.

Homeless outreach. Homelessness is definitely a hot button topic in Carlsbad. The city has increased our Homeless Outreach Team by 53% for the coming year. Carlsbad has a compassionate plan to address our city homeless population.  The link above has more details about Carlsbad’s plan. As we hear more, we will keep you updated.

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