Tips to Sell Your Home from an Insider, What Realtor ‘Red Flags’ to look for

TODAY is back with their Consumer Confidential series with some great advice on how to buy or sell your home from Realtor Mike Aubrey, including what realtor “red flags” to look for, and what those “flowery phrases” in home listings really mean.

Buying and Selling Your Home

  1. Choosing an Agent- “Realtor Red Flags”

Don’t just hire the agent recommending the highest price

–          Don’t hire the Agent telling you exactly what you want to hear instead of what you have to hear or an Agent that’s giving you the highest price.  Say you interview 3 agents and one gives you a higher price, it’s likely to good to be true.

–           Don’t hire an agent who says: If I can’t sell it, I’ll buy it… read the fine print.  They’re probably selling at such a low price you’ll be in really bad shape.

–          Don’t hire an agent ready to give away their commission.  What makes you think they won’t give away the price of your house?

  1. “Go Offline” to find a home in your area

The home you want may not be listed online yet

–          Real-estate portals such as Zillow and Trulia are wonderful but we are in a low inventory condition. Everyone knows that real estate is local but the Agent is as well.  If you have an agent who lives and works in an area where you are trying to buy a house, chances are good that they’ll know about a house being on the market before it’s made available on the market.  If you want to buy in a certain area, online portals will never take the place of an agent.

Real-estate is personal!

  1. Realtor Lingo “Real Estate Real Talk”

Agents often “Couch” the way they say things 

–          “Professionally Cleaned”

Translation: Real Estate Agents are Sales people and that’s a really nice way of telling you it’s an armpit and it’s not going to sell in this state.

–          “The Seller is Motivated”

Translation: This is a big message.  If you want a good deal this is one you want to do.

–          “Top Producer” (Agent)

Translation: That’s might be someone trying to brand themselves.  What they’re really saying is “I don’t have enough to say about myself so I’m just going to say I’m a top producer.”

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