Carlsbad news you can use for October 2020

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Covid real estate has got us using all kinds of new methods to show off our client’s properties. List It Live is a weekly Facebook live broadcast that showcases San Diego properties.  We’ve been really pleased with the number of eyeballs (100K+ views on our listings) we can get on properties.  Each time we’ve featured a property, we’ve put it in escrow within a few days. Here are links to a couple properties we’ve featured List with CalRes and we will can showcase your home too!


Welcome Le Papagayo to the village

Le Papagayo is coming to Carlsbad Village They are taking over the Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers location on Carlsbad Village dr.  Here’s a great write up.  We look forward to grabbing a bite.

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CalResCares blood drive is scheduled for Saturday Nov. 14. CalRes is partnering with the Carlsbad Village Association on this blood drive. The San Diego Blood mobile will be parked CalRes.  We will be posting links to the appointment site as soon as they are available.


2020 has been a lesson in life changing events.  The Santa Ana winds blowing fire season in is all too familiar for Southern California residents.  The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us that being prepared for the unexpected is critical. You have the power to control how prepared you and your family will be when the next emergency hits.

If you lived in Carlsbad when the fires swept through Carlsbad, you remember how fast you had to respond. The last thing you want to do is spend precious minutes searching the house for important documents. If you already have your important papers in a fireproof safe or safe-deposit box, good for you! If not, consider putting together an evacuation box today.

Your Evacuation Box

Organize a lockable fireproof box or small waterproof suitcase—something that is easily transportable. Keep the box in a central location where you can easily grab it and go.

Important records you will need for your evacuation box:

  • Birth certificates and passports
  • Marriage license and/or divorce decree
  • Social Security cards
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Insurance policies
  • Property deeds
  • List of current financial accounts and copies of credit cards
  • Contact information for your attorney, insurance agent, bank, financial advisor, doctors, friends and family
  • List of digital accounts with usernames and passwords
  • Sufficient cash to get you through a few days

Keep It Current

Make sure at least one person you trust knows the location of your evacuation box and how to access its contents. Because it’s only good if it’s up to date, be sure to revisit your evacuation box each year or when major life changes occur.

Make a VIDEO your home.

An easy way to document the contents of you house is to walk through your home and take a video on your phone.  In the event of major damage to your home, you can refer back to the video for a reminder of the contents.

A couple quick reminders:

  • October is breast cancer awareness month.
  • Register to vote – deadline to register online is Oct 19. Not registered?  Sign up here.
  • Did you know you can also sign up for ballot tracking alerts on your phone? Link & sign up is here.

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Team CalRes is always prepared to help our clients, friends and family with all of their real estate needs.  We’ve got a big list of local resources to help with everything house related too – call us if you need a referral.  We are always happy to help.

Team CalRes
Maria, TJ, Rita, Kellie, Stacy and Linda

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