What is a tech enabled real estate agent? And why are they a home seller’s secret weapon?

A tech enabled real estate agent lives, sleeps, and breathes the local market, but uses world class software and data to maximize value for their clients.

Let’s talk nerdy. How can tech add value for sellers?”

  1. Technology has connected everyone to massive amounts of information and that includes real estate listings. Tech enabled real estate agents harness how real estate information flows online to make sure their clients listings achieve the furthest reach.
  2. Beyond reach, is online perception. The lead photo for a property is a crucial first impression. In fact, many buyers will dismiss a property on that photo alone.
  3. That’s why it’s important to work with an agent who has access to local photography pros that can ensure the property shines online. The local understanding is critical here because the photography and other listing descriptions aren’t meant for world wide appeal…but to attract a target buyer. A technology enabled, local agent studies the market and understands what features to emphasize in order to capture the target buyer’s attention.
  4. That could involve bringing in specialized photography equipment, scheduling photo shoots for specific weather conditions, fine tuning shots with a variety of angles taken at different times of day, bringing in drones, and digitally enhancing shots in post production.

Despite people being glued to their screens, buyers still (usually) visit a property before buying.

  1. Despite the surge in online research and discovery amongst home shoppers, 50% of buyers still go to open houses
  2. A tech enabled agent can capture the information for all open house guests and engage promptly to cultivate interest and, eventually, offers.
  3. This is done with software like Block Party’s Open House app, which acts as a digital sign in and automatic follow up tool.
  4. Apps like this provide more than just a slick interface to invite buyers to enter their info. Using software like Block Party respects buyers’ data privacy. Paper sign in sheets are insecure and allow anyone to walk in and view sensitive contact info…which inevitably deters potential buyers from leaving their info.

What is the importance of using a local agent?

  1. By this point, it should be clear, that the understanding of the local market is invaluable and provides benefits along almost every stage of the sale.
  2. There is also a lot of value to having an agent with a local network…especially when prepping a home for sale. Having pros on standby that are local experts in their own right; that understand the market and neighborhood. That includes painters and furniture stagers which really make the property shine to the target
  3. However, this local know-how is even more important when contractors are involved. Some listings require some more involved projects to maximize value for the seller. Jobs involving landscaping, dry-wall, exterior work, and roofing are much smoother (and budget friendly) when the service provider is familiar with the properties in the area and how they are constructed.
  4. One tactic that can save headaches down the line in a home sale is a pre-sale inspection. A local inspector who can be counted on for their thoroughness can pave the way for an easier escrow.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selling a home but remember who you work with matters. The tools they use and how they approach each sale matters. A technology enabled; local real estate agent can be the key to a successful sale. CalRes is that agency.

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