Carlsbad news you can use for July 2020

Love what you do & do what you love. #notlookingback

One year ago, I took the plunge and became a Realtor®. I did a lot of research and interviewing and settled on CalRes, a small boutique firm based here in Carlsbad.  In my time here,  I’ve helped clients buy, sell and lease properties.   Each opportunity has presented unique challenges, but with every challenge, I was able to deliver great results for my clients.  I like the hard, challenging opportunities, that’s where I learn and grow the most!  Contingent sale, 1031 investment sale & purchase – not to mention COVID-19, there are so many moving parts to deliver a successful sale. My one regret is that I didn’t jump into this business sooner.  I love what I do, and I think it shows.

50+ years of experience – #beentheredonethat

Team CalRes has SO MUCH experience, we CAN and DO the complicated transactions many agents shy away from.  Our leader, Maria just closed a trifecta of contingencies.  3 properties were involved in the contingent transaction and all of them closed within 2 days of one another.  At the same time, another CalRes agent is helping clients in purchase in Riverside County. Whatever your buying, selling or leasing situation involves, we can handle it.  With our small but mighty team you get lots of personal attention guiding you through complex and simple transactions.

Q&A – here’s a few questions I get regularly:

  • What’s going on with local real estate? Inventory is LOW in Carlsbad, if you are thinking about selling, NOW is a great time. Houses are flying off the shelves like toilet paper in March!  The key is to price correctly.  Homes in Carlsbad sell for 96% of their listing price. Carlsbad is a well -run city with award winning schools, great companies/industry and beautiful beaches.  CalRes most recent listings all sold within a week with multiple offers and over asking price..
  • Why are homes selling so quickly? Interest rates are still at historic LOW. See the chart below from our friends at Guaranteed Rate Mortgage.
    Buyers are facing stiff competition and bidding wars due to a combination of low rates and the continued housing shortage. Sellers actively removed their homes from the market during COVID, but as economic recovery continues, homes are going back on the market now. If you are a buyer, we are ready to lace up our running shoes and help you race into that new home ASAP.
  • What about foreclosures and a possible housing crash? Homeowners today likely have equity in their homes as our housing market values have continued to increase for the past several years – most homeowners are not upside down with their mortgages like many found themselves in the 2007 crash. If homeowners find themselves unable to maintain their mortgage, selling is a quick and often profitable solution. San Diego is at a 14 year low for foreclosures, and home inventory is LOW all around the county.  San Diego Union tribune had a great article about this topic.
  • Do I need a Realtor® if I’m buying a brand-new construction home? YES!   Call me, I can help guide you through the process, I am there to represent YOUR interest. Home buyers do not pay realtor commissions.  It doesn’t cost you a thing, and I can best represent your interest , including negotiating buyer upgrade. The question is – why wouldn’t you want someone to represent your best interest?
  • Do you know a good….– mortgage broker, painters, window washers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, movers, handyman, landscapers, termite? YES! We deal with all of it and are always happy to send you one of our preferred providers.

Got any other real estate questions?  Drop me an email/text, I’d be happy to answer it.


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